Justin Rosolino 

"MUSIC"  NEW!  "MUSIC" (The Live Recordings)
Justin's new CD is hot off the press!  Recorded live in Atlanta, "Music" includes seven previously unrecorded songs as well as new versions of tunes from his tape, One Single Thread. Full of soulful melodies and deep insights, this is an album you don't want to miss! Listen to a few short samples from the CD here. If you like it you can buy the CD online using a credit card at CD Freedom or buy it here with checks or money orders.
"What's Happening"
Check out Justin live at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta on Tuesday October 16th. It's a showcase for RevUp Records, so come scream your head off so Justin can get a record deal.

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Who IS Justin, really?  Is that even his real name?  Where's he from?  What makes him tick?  Does he have ticks?  Why is his hair so huge?
Audio Clips
Listen to portions of Justin's songs from his CD in high quality real audio!
Ye Ole Message Board  Here's where fans can interact with Justin and with each other.  You can read messages and comments that others have posted, or post your own message.  Just keep it clean (this means YOU, New Yorkers!!!).
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