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One Single Thread (Float Away)
by Marcus Moody and Justin Rosolino

About the song:

I co-wrote this with a friend of mine.  Actually, he wrote it, then I took it and chopped it to bits and subjected it to various re-writes and edits (with his permission), and thus the song was re-born.  It deals with a man's attempt to live a "good life" - and his subsequent failure to do so. Sometimes the hardest and most terrifying thing in the world is to accept forgiveness - it can be even harder than asking for it.  Being forgiven implies that you need forgiveness, which also implies that you were wrong. I don't know about you, but I'm not necessarily thrilled by those implications.  A part of me likes thinking that I can do everything right, that I can earn whatever I want and think I deserve - especially the approval of others.  So I guess this song is about the painful death of that kind of pride.  But more importantly, it's about accepting forgiveness and finding liberation, which I believe is the heart of the gospel.


To live a fine life, be good in word and deed.
Stand on the tips of toes, hang by a single thread to God's right sleeve...

But I float away, float away, float away.

I'm growing weary, I'm not as strong as I thought I'd be.
And if I was foolish, I guess I knew it, I knew it...

But I float away, float away, float away.
Float away, float away, float away.

There goes a guilty man, his life up on that witness stand, but
sweet redemption is the sentence he can't understand.
So he swears that he'll be a worthy man with all he can, but
is it me, Lord, that did the finding?
Love for free, is that what's blinding me?
Can it be that proud confession is what's binding me, is what's binding me,
is what's binding me to yesterday, anyway?

To live this fine, fine life, I'll rest on your words and deeds.
Sail through the darkest of oceans led by that single thread you've placed
in me,

and we'll float away, float away, float away...


Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999 Justin Rosolino