Its Storytime!

04/8 - It's Storytime!

Alas, the CD!!

Its true, it's true - I have a brand new CD entitled "Music", coming out in mid- to late March (man, I'm creative). It's a completely live recording taken from several recent performances, featuring solo acoustic performances of "My Kinda Love", "Legacy", "New York Subway Girl Song" and 8 other tunes. It can be best described as an artistic blend of music, comedy and awkward silence. I'll be selling copies for $15 at my upcoming shows, via email or telephone, AND...

On My New and Improved Website!!

Check it out at..., where you'll be able to study up on my song lyrics, get up to date tour schedules, order tapes and CD's, and even listen to portions of songs! Cool, eh?
Other Titles I Considered for the CD:

"How Justin Got His Groove Back"
"One Single Thread, Part II: Electric Boogaloo"
"Lorum Ipsum Sit"
"Justin vs. Mothra"
And then I realized that all those titles stink.

Storytime, Storytime...
OK, here's the latest edition of "Grammar with the Stars". There's this song on the radio all the time now - it's pretty kickin' in terms of committing grammatical slaughter. It's by this group All know, the one that goes, "never ever have I ever felt so alone", etc. Well, for starters, it goes "never ever have I ever felt so alone". Then there's the line in the beginning, "A few questions that I need to know". You need to know a few questions? Well, I usually want to know answers, but that’s just me. Then it reiterates this confusion by saying "You got my conscience asking questions that I can't find". Strange, this phenomenon of not being able to find questions. But hey, the song is catchy, ain't it?
Quote of the Month: "The aim and final reason of all music is none else but the glory of God." J. S. Bach

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