Its Storytime!

06/16 - storytime...(fun with translations)

Storytime, Storytime…
A very weird friend of mine told me about this website where you can enter in words or phrases and have them translated into another language (check it out at Now here's the fun part - you can actually re-translate the phrase back into English, just to see how much is lost (or butchered) in the translation(s). Here's a few examples - I took some lyrics from my songs and had the site translate them from English to French, then back to English again. Oh, the horror…

from the song Legacy:
"You said you never meant to be the keeper of what's left of me"
"you said that you never wanted to say to be keeps it of what is on the left of me"

from the song My Kinda Love:
"tell me I'm the only one you ever loved and lost"
"say to me that I am the only one you liked ever and destroyed"

from the song To Say Goodbye:
"I wonder sometimes, would you understand if I had laid it on the line, if I had told you like a man?"
"I wonder sometimes, would include/ understand you if I had extended it on the line, if I had said you love a man"

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