Its Storytime!

12/15 - Storytime ARCHIVES...

Here's an amusing little anecdote that should provide you with an inside look into the ever-discouraging music biz. I sent one of my demo tapes to a guy I know at a record label in order to get some feedback from him (or so I had hoped). After not hearing from him for a while (bad sign #1), I emailed him a quick note asking whether or not he'd received the tape. He repled, "Yes, I got it. Thanks." That was all. I got it, thanks?! What the heck does that mean? What kinda feedback is that? Whoopdee-doo. Nothing like a totally disinterested and aloof response to kill your creative passion for a while. It made me feel kinda like when my old girlfriend signed her "it isn't working out" letter to me as: "Fondly, [insert name]". FONDLY?!! I mean, I'm fond of peanut butter, but that doesn't mean I really give a rip about it, right? Ughh. And the ballet of life goes on...


Ever notice how poor the grammar is in some of the songs we listen to on the radio? Like that Oasis song - I think it's called "Don't Look Back in Anger". The guy sings the line, "take that look from off your face." OK, just one question here - how exactly is that supposed to HAPPEN? I mean, think about it - if I take that look FROM off my face, it must mean that it wasn't on my face at all, or else he would've said, "take that look OFF OF your face". In essence he's telling me to go and find "that look" (which is currently not on my face) and move it from being in a position NOT on my face. So does that mean he wants the look to be put ON my face? Then why doesn't he just say that? I mean, what's the deal?

And don't even get me started on the whole "to the beat of the rhythm of the night" issue. Is that linguistic butchery or what? Granted, one could not rightly expect El Debarge to say "to the night's beat's rhythm" (which would have been the correct sentence structure). That would've been ridiculous.

Oh well...perhaps I pay too much attention to grammar. I guess, in the big picture, it don't make no nevermind.


In the 7th grade I had this computer class - "Basic Computer Skills" I think it was called. Our teacher (who shall remain nameless) was the subject of many myths and superstitions among middle schoolers. Rumored to have shot a man once, he was also infamous for yelling out random phrases like, "YOU BET YOUR BIG FAT BIPPY!!" (whatever the heck that means). Anyway, one habit of his was particularly disturbing: whenever he would write a word on the blackboard that would require using a lower case "i", he would attempt to dot the "i" by taking five or six steps away from the board, then hurling the piece of chalk as hard as he could at the letter in progress on the board. It became a sort of sick ritual: he would draw the verical line of the "i", then he would look up at the ceiling maniacally, as if pondering something (this would create an odd tension in the room as we students waited helplessly for the inevitable). Then he'd hurl the chalk at the board and it would break into a million pieces. Tramatic. Maybe that's why I don't "get" computers.


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