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03/14 - What's Happening - March '99


Greetings from the ever-insane world of music making! This is my first attempt at writing a monthly newsletter on the web, so we'll see if I'm too lame or lazy to keep it up. I'm still busy here in Atlanta writing songs, touring and playing shows. Some news highlights from the past few months include playing a show with David Wilcox in Charlottesville, Virginia, opening for Eddie from Ohio in Atlanta, GA, and having one of my songs ("My Kinda Love") crack the top 20 on! I also got my wisdom teeth out! Whoopee! Now I'm just like those people who end every sentence in their emails with an exclamation point! Isn't that crazy! Wow! Funny! Help!


I've also got two fairly recent additions to my new band, Elliott Moon on drums/percussion and Tim Gibson on bass. They are outstanding players and very cool people as well. Just don't stare directly at them (it seems to make them "jittery").


This spring will be crazy for us - I'll be going on the Awakening Records tour with Dog Named David, Ethan Pierse and Zoubeck and Bryant, all of whom are mega-talented musicians and songwriters. Awakening Records is a very cool indie label based out of Chapel Hill, and I was recently chosen to be on their compilation, which is pretty news. Check them out at


Justin has 3 brand new songs soon to be available on the web!
In late-March I'll have 3 new songs - "My Son", "St. Francis" and "Anyone" - available for download on I've been playing these songs a lot lately at different shows and the response has been so positive that we've decided to get them on the web ASAP. All 3 songs will be recorded with just me and my acoustic guitar, but look for the fully produced versions with the whole band on our next CD (which will hopefully be finished sometime in the Fall of 2000).

Wanna help promote Justin's music in your hometown or college? Email us at We'll make you an offer you can't refuse…

We've also recently teamed up with a company called PlanetJam, which is an incredibly cool web site where you can stream or download music from a ton of great bands. It's similar to, but a lot more selective with a higher caliber of musical quality. They plan to have access to special shows via webcast, exclusive music releases and cool contests (among other features), so be sure to check it out at

See you at the next show…

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