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05/24 - May 2000

May 2000…

Hey all you groovy websters - thanks for checkin' out my little slice of cyberspace. Things have been crazy busy lately - I just got off of a 6 week road trip, a month of which I spent with the Awakening Records tour (and had a blast). For the last two weeks I was up in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, playing in New York, DC and Virginia. I dragged my percussionist Elliot Moon with me, and he consistently rocked the house. I think the highlight of the tour was playing out west - I'd never been to the mountains of Colorado (where I got altitude sickness…ugh…but the scenery sure was nice). I also did a showcase for BMI in New York City at the Living Room - that was a pretty cool thing. You can see s of the show at Thanks to all who came out, and especially those of you who bought my T-shirt!

For anyone in the vicinity, I've got a great gig coming up at Eddie's Attic on Thursday, May 25th - I'll be doing a Writers in the Round with Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love) and Pierce Pettis, two of my favorite local songwriter heroes. Check out the tour dates page for more details on the show.

In other gig-related news, I'll be playing with the full band at Smith's Olde Bar on Monday, July 10th. Tim Gibson will be on bass, and Elliott Moon on drums and percussion.

The stuff has been going great - "New York Subway Girl Song" peaked at #6 in the blues rock category, and "St. Francis" went to #11 in folk! Thanks to all you web surfers for the support. To check out my MP3 stuff, go to If you haven't heard "St. Francis" or "My Son" yet, the only recorded versions are on MP3, so make sure to give 'em a listen.

Some of you have voiced an interest in helping to promote my music in your towns, colleges, etc. Well, I'm into it!!! That's why we've decide to start "The Family" - we'll soon have a page on this site dedicated to such matters. To inquire about joining "The Family", email us at

As always, thanks for listening, and we'll see you soon…

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