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07/24 - What's New July 2000

What's new in July 2000…

Lotsa cool stuff goin' down lately in the chaotic world of music. I just got back from Nashville, where I did some writing with my good friend Billy Cerveny (who's new CD, "A Horse Named Pride", has just been released and is fantastic! Check it out at P.S. - there's some songs on there that we co-wrote together, including Laura-Lee and When I Breath). Recent touring highlights include a very cool show with Pierce Pettis and Bill Mallonee of Vigilantes of Love at Eddie's Attic in late May. Check out the cool pic from that show on the gallery page (thanks for the photo, Brian Harris!).

I also saw the X-MEN movie 4 times…already…as in, within 6 days…and I'm 27 years old…help me…

I'm getting ready to head up north for some more shows, and looking forward to it. I'm psyched to play the Kendall Café in Cambridge, MA on Thursday August 10th with my super-talented friends Zoubek and Bryant and Spinoza. Definitely worth the trek even if you're not in the immediate vicinity - those guys rock hard. Then it's back to Atlanta for the Atlantis Music Festival. I'll be playing at 7 Stages in Little Five Points, sharing the evening with my friends Tammy Fowler and Kevin Lawson. I'm a big fan of both of their music, and it will be a pleasure to be sharing the stage with them that night. I'm on from 11:30 - midnight. It's $8 to get in, which totally stinks, especially for such a short set, so I recommend coming early and seeing the other acts as well so you get more bang for your buck, knowwhatimean?

Well, that's all for now. Short and sweet. By the way, I'm Vegan now - a new dietary kick I'm on. No meat, fish, animal products, all organic stuff (no preservatives or chemicals allowed). So basically I can eat filtered water (after boiling), air and recycled paper. OK, it's not that bad. But it's bad.

Eternally craving a cheeseburger,


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