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New York Subway Girl Song Listen to a RealAudio G2 clip here!
by Justin Rosolino

About the song:

Bottom line - I thought she would fix my life, and she couldn't.  And it was wrong of me to expect her to, cause she's just a person, just like me.  And God knows I can't fix anybody else's life.


Killin' time on the Long Island line, lettin' my memory wander
in a seat by the conductor she reminds me of another
woman that turned me over.
Takes me back to the girl I knew, and I thought she could do no wrong.
She could hold my feet to the ground, and then she was gone.

I could swear by the way she brushed her hair, she was my yesterday lady,
but it's three in the mornin' and my senses are swarmin';
I guess my vision is fadin'.
You can't say I'm the only one who has a hard time gettin' along, yeah,
when I'm lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely.

Cause it's a part of the human predicament, I try to find me in her arms
never to see, that like me, she's got soul searchin' business of her own.
And it's a sin to expect such a miracle from a girl tryin' to find her way,
just like me, she's in need of a hero to save the day.

Wasn't wantin' to walk by her side, I wanted her to carry me
on her shoulder;
it was a two-way addiction, cravin' love without distinction,
makin' the woman my center.
Came to her with a broken soul that I thought she'd be able to heal,
but just like me, she's in need of the Spirit-love to make it real.


My greatest crime was to think you were my messiah,
sent here to right all my wrongs.
But that's not your part to play, that's what heaven came to say,
I wish I knew all along.
You can't say I'm the only one who has a hard time gettin' along
when I'm lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely.



Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999 Justin Rosolino